Early Bird Registration
Through March 1st


You will notice that the date for this retreat has changed from the magazine. It is no longer 16 – 18 February, but now 6 – 8 April.

There is a special reason for this change. For the last number of years, I have been most nostalgic for the old days when Serene and Pearl (and sometimes Evangeline) and their babies and some of the children, would accompany me to the Above Rubies retreats. I loved having Serene and Pearl sing their beautiful songs to the mothers and share, as only they can.

However, since becoming involved with TRIM HEALTHY MAMA , they have had no time to do anything with Above Rubies. They don’t even accept speaking seminars for themselves as they already have tooooo much going on.

However, one day, Pearl (being soooo loving and nice and generous) said that they would like to do one more retreat with me, like the old times! And so, it is happening. Can you believe it?

Serene is due for her baby in February and so we have postponed the date to 6 – 8 April. This retreat is not only for the ladies in Washington state, but for the whole country. This is your last opportunity to rage with Nancy and her daughters together—Serene, Pearl, Evangeline (and hopefully we may even be able to bring Meadow and Rashida and who knows who else?).

Who can remember Meadow singing as a little girl with her mother? And now she is due for her first baby any day now.

Start putting every penny away now to save for your air fare and retreat. It’s going to be a very special weekend.

See you there, Nancy